bynamite is in hobby mode

We’re no longer working full time on Bynamite.  For the time being, we’ll keep it up as a hobby project – if you’re curious about reasons, you can read a bit more personal color here.  If you’re an active user, I’m sorry for the following changes that will be going into effect now or in the near future:

  • We won’t be updating the product in a timely fashion, if at all.
  • We won’t maintain the support forums.
  • We’ll probably close the related One Button Rule entirely.

Once again, I’m sorry we can’t continue to work on this.  I’m actively exploring other options to keep Bynamite running, but personally it won’t be my full-time occupation anymore.  If you have ideas or you’d like to help find a future for Bynamite, please feel free to comment here or send an email to

To everyone who’s used, worked on, commented on, written about, and otherwise gave Bynamite a try, you have my deepest thanks.

2 thoughts on “bynamite is in hobby mode

  1. (FYI)

    Your ideas and addon seems right, your attitude and philosophy seems right. Kudos. The world needs a lot more like you that knows how far things have gone, and that the consequences and the future is worrying to say the least.

    There’s only one problem! I really wanted to try it out but it doesn’t work at all. The link to your “honest” (haven’t read it) is 404. The addon connects to wwws.. Manually changing to www. works, but again, 404.

    I understand your decision to put it “on hold”, but it doesn’t seem work to at all…?


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